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While the works of Vlasov are highly theoretical, coded, and require knowledge of art history. Still, without this knowledge, the viewer can appreciate the manipulation of materiality on its own. Oil, acrylic, enamel, spray paint, pastel, spackle, and various paint additives were involved in the creation of this particular painting. Therefore, it demonstrates not just how Vlasov employs all painting possibilities, but also Vlasov’s conviction to the medium and endless exploration of it. Painting becomes the subject matter itself. And this work, among others, demonstrates how painting can dance between the conceptual and the material.   

Dreaming Dreams
Mixed media on canvas
54 x 40 in

Alex Vlasov_Dreaming Dreams

The consistent vocabulary exists on the surface of Vlasov’s artworks. The elements in each configuration are recomposed in different ways. And consequently, the concept of ambiguity stands out. All of Vlasov’s work while being abstract provokes the viewer’s ability to imagine. When you see three teddy bears on a surface, you just see three teddy bears. When you see something like this drawing, you might see hundreds of variations and it is different for each individual. Conception follows perception. The work also references the entire history of abstraction - geometric grids, biomorphism, automatism, plane images, field painting, etc. 

Mixed media on paper
11 1/2 x 8 3/4 in

Alex Vlasov_Untitled

The title Studio Ghosts comes from the period of finishing this painting. While being alone in the empty studios and working on this painting at the end of December 2021, Vlasov still felt the presence of other people in the studios and their support. This painting for him was an example of while you are physically being alone in your studio, in fact, you are never alone. All your friends, teachers, and favorite artists - they are with you, right behind your back giving you advice on how to make a better painting. Thus with this army of “Ghosts,” you can conquer the world. And this painting stands as a love letter to all people who are with Vlasov throughout the years of his artistic career. 

Studio Ghosts
Mixed media on canvas
85 x 75 in

Alex Vlasov_Studio Ghosts
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